Inclusive world

Åh, det här är vackert:

”The human spirit has shown again and again that it can respond to challenges thrown down by those who want to dissipate it. If some thought about Crusades, others built houses of wisdom to provide a common home to the best of Christian, Jewish, Persian and Arab minds. If some attacked trains and towers, others came together from across continents to provide a solution to a new disease. If some bombed innocent people of other countries, others went rushing to help cyclone victims. We must harness the spirit of humanity not only because the alternative is the risk of a catastrophic confrontation. We must harness the spirit of humanity because it beckons us to create an inclusive world.”

Sundeep Waslekar Strategic Foresight Group, Mumbai.

International Crisis Group släppte sin ”CrisisWatch 43” idag:

”Six actual or potential conflict situations around the world deteriorated in February 2007: Pakistan, Somalia, Thailand, Timor-Leste Uganda and Yemen. Two situations showed improvement: North Korea and Burundi.

Two situations showed improvement in February. 6-Party talks in Beijing produced a breakthrough in negotiations on North Korea’s nuclear program with Pyongyang agreeing to shut its Yongbyon nuclear reactor within 60 days. In Burundi, the release of three rebel FNL leaders satisfied a final FNL condition to allow the peace process to move forward.

For March 2007, CrisisWatch identifies Nigeria and Timor-Leste as Conflict Risk Alerts, or situations at particular risk of new or significantly escalated conflict in the coming month.”

Det töar i Falköping och vi påminns alla om vårens kommande smältvattenflod från Mösseberg. Det kommer att bli översvämning i kulverten på Scheelegatan i år också. Någon väpnad konflikt har vi inte sett till, det närmaste vi har kommit på senare tid är väl ställningskriget mellan missbrukarna i busskuren på stan och folk som vill vänta på bussen inomhus.

Någon som känner för lite Hoola Bandoola-progg?


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