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Putin = Deng Xiaoping?

Det kanske börjar klarna när det gäller vad Putin skall göra efter presidentvalet. Kanske efterträder han Igor Ivanov i ett ”upphottat” nationellt säkerhetsråd?

Moscow Times skriver också om ryskt fokus på olja- och gasfyndigheter vid Nordpolen:

”This Sunday, a mini-submarine with two State Duma deputies aboard is expected to dive more than 4,000 meters beneath the Arctic ice to the seabed and drop a meter-tall, titanium Russian tricolor on the exact spot directly under the pole. The aim is to stake a symbolic claim to the pole and large chunks of Arctic territory for Russia. Moscow is seeking to put forward a legal claim to a United Nations commission in 2009 — 100 years after the first explorers claimed to have reached the pole by sled and husky. (…) According to some estimates, the Artic region could hold up to one-quarter of the earth’s remaining untapped oil and gas reserves.”

Uppdatering den 2 augusti:
Nu rapporterar också svenska medier om det ryska ubåtsprojektet, t.ex. Aftonbladet, SvD (TT) och Ekot.