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Svenskt ordförandeskap skapar problem?

Nu kräver tyska utrikespolitiker ett utvidgat militärpolitiskt samarbete med Moskva och i SPIEGEL ONLINE skriver Alexander Rahr under rubriken ”BRIDGING THE DIVIDE: How Should the EU Reach Out to Russia?” (del I och del II):

”The eastern partnerships also contain a new EU energy security package for all neighboring states that are dependent on Russian energy. This amounts to an open show of solidarity with the countries that feel threatened by an ”imperialist” Russia. In contrast to the French, the Czechs might once again lean toward a policy of containment vis-à-vis Moscow. This would ”punish” Russia for its annexation of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

Following the Czechs, the rotating presidency will fall to the Swedes in 2009 and to the Poles in 2011. Stockholm has signaled its support of the Central European position on Russia. The Ostpolitik of the Central Europeans, which differs from the traditional Russia-centered policy of the French and Germans, could place new obstacles in the way of good relations with the Kremlin